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Child Support

child supportChild support in Florida is designed to help give the child the most financially stable home possible. It is important for the child to receive the support that they require in order to maintain a safe and consistent residence. Parents rely heavily on the court system to help them and their children transition to this new part of their lives without a large change in lifestyle.

Stone and Capobianco can help with a wide variety of child support issues, such as: calculating child support based on financial and custody issues, changing current child support amounts based on changing financial conditions for one or both of the parents, or helping with the enforcement of current child support payments.

If you need help with a child support case, we are here to help with a decision in the child’s best interests. The children’s best interests are what drive all decisions made in the family courts in Florida.


The lawyers of Stone and Capobianco are able to help in cases that fall into the following categories:

o Establishment of Support
o Establishment of Paternity and Support
o Enforcement of Child Support Obligations
o Modification of Child Support Obligations

If you are involved in a child support case or in need of child support, please contact our firm today to schedule a consultation. The attorneys at Stone & Capobianco specialize in all types of family law including Divorce, Paternity, Custody Issues and Child support. Call 772-781-4357 today or fill out our client form here.

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