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Personal Injury

“If we do not maintain Justice, Justice will not maintain us.”

 (Francis Bacon, 1561-1626)

One of the great things about the American justice system is that you don’t have to be rich to afford it.

If you are injured -- physically or emotionally -- because someone else was careless or irresponsible, you have the right to go to court to seek compensation for the harm you suffered as a result.

In most cases, the person that hurt you will be represented by an insurance company. For the insurance company, the object of the game is NOT to pay the claim.

That’s where we come in. Our job is to see to it that your claim IS paid. That you receive enough money to pay for your medical bills, lost wages and living expenses while you were recovering. We also work to get money to help you after you’re back on your feet, for long-term effects like pain, stress, depression and ongoing treatment.

Note: We do not get paid for our services unless we win compensation for you.

We are a small firm by design. We have no desire to become a “lawsuit factory” where the number of cases we handle matters more than the people we help.

Jerome Stone and Linda Capobianco are both seasoned personal injury attorneys. They work on cases as a team, with the support of an experienced paralegal and administrative staff who treat every client with care, compassion and professionalism.

You can count on us to represent you effectively and energetically in any of the follow matters:

- Automobile Accidents
- Boating Accidents
- Child Molestation
- Motorcycle Accidents
- Nursing Home Abuse
- Sexual Abuse
- Slip & Falls
- Truck Accidents
- Wrongful Death

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