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Truck Accidents


Trucking accidents often yield catastrophic injuries and wrongful death because of the enormous weight disparity between semi-trucks and passenger cars and the sheer force of impact when they collide. A fully loaded “big rig” like a semi-truck or tractor-trailer may weigh 80,000 lbs., which is more than 25 times the weight of a typical passenger car. The massive weight and length of tractor-trailers alone make them more prone to collisions simply because of their handling limitations. But there are other factors that contribute to these accidents.

Some of the most common factors that contribute to trucking accidents in Florida include the following:

    • Overloaded trucks
    • Improperly secured loads
    • Drivers violating hours of service rules (HOS) designed to prevent driver fatigue
    • Failure to perform required safety inspections
    • Inadequate big-rig maintenance
    • Lack of care by the trucking company when hiring, training or supervising truck drivers
    • Inattentive truck drivers multi-tasking with cell phones and other distractions
    • Truck drivers impaired by drugs or alcohol
    • Lack of awareness of tractor-trailer “no zones” (large blind spots)
    • Drivers with medical conditions like diabetes, narcolepsy or that are otherwise medically unfit
    • Tires that are defective or that have improper tire pressure
    • Defective components and systems on the big-rig
    • Unsafe route selection
    • Failure of commercial drivers to adapt their driving to bad weather


There are a number of unique issues involved in trucking accidents, especially if a large corporation is the owner of the truck or the employer of the driver. s those who suffer severe injuries or wrongful death in trucking accident collisions should retain an experienced trucking accident lawyer with an established record of substantial verdicts and settlements against trucking companies.

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